Get your invoice paid quickly

Everyone loves getting paid quickly. Even we do! Follow these tips to make sure you do too!

The best way to be paid quickly is to make sure your invoice meets the requirements set out by the NDIA.

Firstly - your invoice must be made out to the name of the Participant.  

It also must include all the following details:

  • Provider’s name (ie your name) and Australian Business Number (ABN).
    Any invoice without an ABN will be rejected unless the supplier also completes the ATO form Statement by Supplier and provides a copy of this with the invoice
  • Invoice number
  • Date the invoice was issued
  • The words Tax Invoice, if applicable
  • The participants Name and NDIS number if known
  • Description of supports delivered
  • Dates of when each support was delivered

Please send invoices in PDF form for payment to:


For invoices related to AT or stated support items, additional information may be requested in order to submit invoices for payment.

If you’re a new provider or unsure of the claiming rules for NDIS please get in touch with us by email info@budjee.com.au or 1300 737 062. We are here to help and we can also provide an invoice template if required.  

It is really important to be aware that your invoice amounts can not exceed the NDIA Price Guide limits.  It is not possible to split an invoice and have the participant make a part payment of an invoice total.

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